It's a good thing my parents let me have a Myspace.

At 13 years old, between re-organizing my Top 8 and finding the perfect song to auto-play, I learned that I love designing for web. What I didn't know yet was that the painstaking amount of time I would spend crafting and coding my profile would eventually lead me to a career in advertising, specifically designing digital media.

Though digital media is ever-evolving, my passion for creating memorable experiences remains a constant. This passion has led me to dream opportunities such as working in-house at Mattel on the Barbie brand, and most recently at Huge Inc. on the Capri Sun and Quicken Loans brands.


Since my time as a preteen, I have thankfully expanded my network beyond a Top 8. I look forward to getting to know your team and hopefully we can make some memorable digital experiences of our own!